Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of frequently asked questions by our participants along with answers

1. Can I join the trip under the age of 21?
Yes. Everyone who is under 21 can join us.

2. How much pocket-money will I need?
Most of the expenses are included in the price. Everyone is obliged to pay 2 USD/ per day to tip our bus driver. In some of the hotels we will be staying at there is a breakfast provided. Other than that you'll need some money for your own meals. We have found that the cost is approximately 20 USD/ per day per person.

There is also 2 optional tours you can participate:
1) Antelope Canyon: 70 USD/ per person
2) Cruise to Alcatraz and tour inside the prison: 50 USD/ per person
3) Universal Studios: 130 USD/ per person

3. When there are no meals included in our hotel stay will we have opportunities to stop for some food?
Everyday we stop at least two times for shopping or to have a meal. We usually take you to Walmart, Target or similar stores. Sometimes there might be supermarkets right next to our accommodations. Most of the days we also stop for lunch or dinner in places where you can find many restaurants e.g. McDonald, Burger King, Taco Bell, In-N-Out Burger, Panda Express buffets etc. Everyday our tour operators will inform you about our planned stops for following day.

4. Can I join later or leave earlier from the trip? If it's possible do I get any discount?
We usually try to avoid situation like that and want you to be part of our trip from the very first day. If you really can't make it for meeting day and you can join us later on and we offer you 50 USD discount per day you missed.

5. When are the deadlines of the payments?
Payments take place according to this plan:
1st payment - 50 USD not later then 7 days after you receive contract from us
2nd payment - 800 USD not later then 30 days before our trip begins
3rd payment - not later then first day of our trip

6. What kind of paying methods can I use to pay for the trip?
1) Bank transfer
2) Online payment by Debit or Credit Card
3) PayPal
4) TransferWise

7. What happens if I have problems with the deadlines or the paying methods?
In that case we ask you to immediately contact us and together we will find the best solution for you.

8. What account number should I transfer the money to?
Please see the wire information below.
Payable to: AmericanTrip
Address: st. Jasminowy Stok 71
Zip code: 80177
City: Gdansk
Country: Poland
Bank Account: PL 97 1090 1098 0000 0001 3069 6502
Name of Bank: Bank Santander Polska S.A

9. How can I get to the accommodation from the airport and back?
Our first hotel is:
HOTEL 4 QUEENS - 202 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101 (Downtown Las Vegas).

We recommend taking a shuttle (around $8), Uber / Lyft or using public transportation (more info:  https://www.mccarran.com/Transportation )

TIP: Don't tell taxi drivers that this is your first time in Las Vegas! They can take advantage of you and take a long way to jack up the fare.

10. When is the latest time I can arrive to the accommodation at the start of the trip?
On the day of arrival we will be waiting for you at the hotel. We'll welcome you and you'll get your room key. If you are planning to arrive later then 12AM you can pick up your room key from the reception (your name needs to be provided). You choose your time of arrival but remember to be not later than 5AM because at 6AM we'll start our journey to Bryce Canyon.

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