Pula - Croatia

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About the trip / trip description:

The greatest Reunion in history, and the very first trip of that kind. We switch from the North American continent to Europe, but we do not change the crew :) This way we continue our american adventure, in spite of the difficult times of pandemic. We are still in the game! So much exciting stuff awaits us as we reach the destination. We combine sightseeing with chilling out, because everyone will get time to lay on the beach, as well as to admire the beautiful Istria peninsula. We love National Parks of the US, so for this trip we also ensured being close to nature. That is why one of the most famous national parks in Europe is a part of this trip - Plitvička jezera. In Las Vegas we always used to go on a Party Bus, but this time around we will get on a Party Boat :D You know us ? We also go the extra mile for good fun :)
All of this is complemented by the best american networking ever! Incredible stories and exchange of experiences with work and travel in the US await you! And everyone who is considering to go on board of W&T in the US will learn what they want from experienced participants.

We are not giving in to the coronavirus and creating the grandest american get-together ever!! Meet new people and live the excitement once more! Will you join us?

Dates of the trip 2020

15.09.2020 - 21.09.2020

We care deeply about the chemistry and uniqueness of the trip's crew. That is why we invite specifically and exclusivelly former W&T program participants, and people who are considering W&T in the future. Each past participant can tag along a maximum of 3 friends. To reserve your place on the trip, please fill out the booking form; "first come first served" rule applies.

Day 1 - On the road to Croatia

For some of us it will be meeting your long-time-no-see friends :D We set off from Katowice. On our way there, we pick up friends from Krakow, and then from Hungary. We are so looking forward to this bus ride together! Guess what kind of attractions we've got planned to make the ride more interesting :)

Day 2 - Checking in the resort - rest

We are there and we are staying at a place similar to american summer camps! The similarities we have in mind are: swimming pool, tennis courts, football pitch, table tennis, mini golf and gym. We will also find restaurants, convenient store and direct access to the beach! Once we check in, there will be time to look around the area and have some fun on the sand. In the evening we get together in front of a big screen and reminisce USA adventures. There's karaoke, whilst our photos and videos from USA are shown in the background. Have your favorite ones with you! We ought to go back in time to the place where it all began and show others what they are yet to experience!

Day 3 - Trip to Plitvička jezera + T-shirt day

We set off to appreciate the gorgeous nature. In the US, there were canyons; here, we get to see picturesque lakes and waterfalls. It is one of the most beautiful National Parks in the Old Continent. Therefore, it is a must-see for such world-curious people such as our group. In the evening, we wear T-shirts from our work places in the USA: camps, amusement parks, resorts and all other places. This way, we will know who spent their vacation where, while others will ask about whatever is interesting to them. Let's help each other and share knowledge!

Day 4 - Boat party

Do you remember Las Vegas? We assume that no one needs to be reminded of the famous american city in a desert, including the Party Bus ride. This time we've got a different challenge. We sail on a boat out on a sky-clear water that surrounds our resort. So we swithc from Party Bus to Party Boat! Get your best american party playlist and let's begin. At the end of the day, at a bar, we do a special presentation about the US of A, including all options of Work & Travel in 2021.

Day 5 - Sightseeing

A day for true explorers. Just as during AmericanTrip's Los Angeles or San Francisco, here as well this will be your time to discover the beauty of Pula. We are 100% sure that this will be a glorious and sunny day on the magical Istria peninsula. Before the end of it, a truly american dinner party. Red cups on the table, beer-pong ready to be played, it's time for the final event. The highlight of night is a great tournament and its prizes ? 2 FREE AmericanTrop trips in 2021. Let's rock the whole peninsula!

Day 6 - Checking out of the hotel

Our stay at the Resort is coming to an end, therefore it's time to start the journey back home. Luckily, the road before saying goodbye is longer than the one leading to Venice Beach on the last day of AmericanTrip. This time we ride home all the way together before the end of the now- legendary AmericanReunion.

Day 7 - Returning home

It's what we like the least. We say goodbye to each of you at specific spots of the trip's end: Budapest, Kraków and Katowice. There's not much more to say. There's going to be sadness, but also gladness to be having been able to reach the final point of another journey with You and once again, wishing each other to meet again at another one! As it shows, we?re still one big group that met back in the past in the US, and the benefit of that friendship was seen just now in Croatia. Great big thanks to all of You!

3, 4, 5 or 6 people in a room (price per person)

Before 10th of August:
279 USD

After 10th of August:
299 USD
the price is valid for 3 - 6 people
accommodated in 1 room

2 people in a room (price per person)

Before 10th of August:
299 USD

After 10th of August:
329 USD
the price is valid for 2 people
accommodated in 1 room

* 100 PLN off for AmericanTrip participants
* The first deposit costs 50 USD. The rest of the payment should be paid 15 days prior to departure.
* All rooms have single and double beds + kitchen annex at your disposal ;)

What you get for the price

• Bus transfer and road fees
• 4 nights at the Resort in Pula
• Boat ride with music
• Workshops in travelling around the US
• Organized activities in free time
• Awesome company of other students and new amazing relationships
• Discount for AmericanTrip 2021 of 200 PLN/ 50 USD
• Enterance into contest towards free-of-charge AmericanTrip 2021 participation
• Tour leader supervision
• Insurance
• Tax

The price does not include

• Meals
• Trip to Plitvička jezera: 15 euro/ person

One-of-a-kind pack of students on a J1 in the USA!

Live this adventure and have that trip you will remember for the rest of your life!

Join us